Book Four Teaser

Hi Friends and Followers,

It has been awhile since I posted to my blog.  It’s been a very exciting time.  Book Three is in editing and Book Four is taking form.  You can read  the first ten pages of Book Four in the Meant to Be Series.  I hope you enjoy it.  Your feedback is welcome.

We have been very busy with many family happenings in addition to my spending the rest of my free time writing the fourth book.  The summer schedule includes two weddings (one of which is our son’s), a family reunion, a 70th birthday party and a 95th birthday party; all of which have, or will, involve travel.  I’m trying to get back to balancing it all so I will be catching up on reading many of your blogs (which I have missed) and look forward to commenting on them soon.

Enjoy the excerpt.  Happy Reading and Writing!




2 thoughts on “Book Four Teaser

  1. Whoa. That was an attention-getter. 😀 Good to hear about your progress. Write on… 🙂

  2. Interesting characters Richard. It’ll be good to see how they develop

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