The Meant to Be Series Trifecta

I am very excited to announce the third book in my Meant to Be Series, Finding Each Other is now available on Amazon Kindle.

Finding Each Other


Life is a series of actions and reactions. Choices. Decisions. The things we do today lead to sometimes irrevocable changes—good and bad, happy and sad—to our life and the lives of those we touch.

But we move on. We grow.

Finding Each Other is a heartfelt continuation of the saga that began with a young Meyer Minkowski and his journey to find his one true love—his Bashert.

Book Two of the series saw new friends meet and new love grow, each story weaving itself intricately into the life of Meyer.

Now, in Book Three, watch the next generation find their way—find each other.

Mystery and miracles, sacrifice and soul-searching, the ties that bind this group of people to each other are strong. A young boy will be brave beyond his years, and a young girl will hold true to her beliefs that true love means being there, even when the one you love is pushing you away.

Loved ones are lost, others just seem so, but the struggle to go on is stronger than the pull to give up. If all it takes is hard work, then they can definitely do it.

Some families are born and others are born of circumstance, but the bond of family is the same either way, for it is not about blood—it is about taking care of each other. Mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, cousins, neighbors and friends—they will all have a part to play in each other’s lives and the lives of total strangers.

These incredible families endure. With faith and family values they thrive.

Through love and laughter, tragedy and tears, they band together—it’s all meant to be.

Finding Each Other, Book Three in the Meant to Be series, is another poignant look at life and love from acclaimed author, Richard Alan.


To read the synopsis for The Life of Meyer and/or The Coupleshover over the tab “Novels by Richard Alan – Meant to Be Series” in the menu on the left.

In honor of the third book’s debut, Village Drummer Fiction is offering the following special:

The Meant to Be Series Trifecta

November 21 – 23, 2012

 1.  The Life of Meyer, Book 1 in the Meant to Be Series is free from Kindle from November 21 -23.

 2.  The Couples, Book 2 in the Meant to Be Series is reduced to $3.49 from Kindle November 21 – 23.

 3.  Finding Each Other, Book 3 in the Meant to Be Series has just been released and is available on Kindle.  Amazon Prime Members may borrow these books at no charge.

I am also happy to announce the launch of the new website for Village Drummer Fiction.  The blog and the website have been combined in one location.  Wonder through the various tabs and enjoy.  I would love to hear you thoughts on the new site, positive or negative.

As always, Happy Reading!

Richard Alan


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  1. Thanks. Putting everything together on WordPress sure makes it easier to make changes and updates.

  2. Congrats! I’m tweeting this.
    Love the new look. 😉

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