Finding Each Other

Book3_Front_CoverRichard Alan succeeds again in writing not only a touching story of relationships, but also includes intrigue, exciting action, and danger. Think—Nicholas Sparks and Jodi Picoult meet J.A.Vance.

Finding Each Other is a poignant continuation of the family saga that began with young Meyer Minkowski. Meyer and his wife Joan watch and counsel the next generation as they search to find themselves, their careers, and their life partners.

Dr. Morris Kaplan’s genetic research places his family in mortal danger. Jonah Kaplan and Holly, at twelve years of age, are faced with defending themselves from assassins. As they mature into adulthood and struggle to become a loving couple, their lives are repeatedly threatened. They labor to maintain their relationship while facing growing threats.

A murder takes place, forever changing the trajectory of Jonah’s life and that of close relatives who are also forced to venture into harm’s way. With faith, family, and each other, they endure.

Finding Each Other is book three in the “Meant to Be Together” series.

Read praise for Finding Each Other here.


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