Finding a Soul Mate

Book1_Front_CoverWhat is life without a soul mate?

Meyer is a successful mathematician and businessman.  He has wealth, a beautiful home on Lake Washington, boats and yachts, and a bachelor pad in Seattle.  What Meyer is missing is love.  He has not found the right woman with which to share his life and love.  He is following a rugged path searching for his soul mate, the person he is meant to be with for life.

Told predominantly from Meyer’s point of view, beginning at four years of age, the reader is invited to follow the events that shaped Meyer’s, his family’s, and his friends’ lives.  Through their childhoods in the Northwest, personal tragedy, college, an illegitimate birth, and a tour in Vietnam, we learn how they coped with tragedy, and still managed to find their soul mate.

As Meyer tells us, “… no one’s life is just a single strand of thread. On the contrary, each of our lives is a tapestry, woven intricately with the lives of those with whom we cross paths and with whom we share history and destiny. In these pages you will find the strands that make up my tapestry, my history, my life—and the journey that led me to my soul mate.”

Finding a Soul Mate, book one in the Meant to Be Together series, is a novel about relationships, love, and life, from acclaimed author, Richard Alan.

Read praise for Finding a Soul Mate here.


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Buy Kindle version ($2.99) or print book ($11.99) from Amazon 

Other eBook formats will be available from Smashwords soon!



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