Growing Together

Book4_Front_CoverLovers of contemporary family sagas will enjoy Growing Together, the fourth and final novel in the “Meant to Be Together” series by Richard Alan.

With a lovely wardrobe and a small luxury car, Megan reveled in the material aspect of her single life in Los Angeles. Megan’s business success was not mirrored in her private life where her relationships with the opposite sex made her feel like an emotional punching bag. Marvin is a widower living in the Pacific Northwest who is afraid to fall in love again. All of his energy is funneled to being father and mother to his two young children. When Megan’s life is threatened, she flees to her estranged twin sister’s home in Seattle. Megan and Marvin enter into a roller-coaster ride of a precarious friendship.

Anna and Michael Levin’s adopted daughter, Carrie, develops from a pre-teen to a beautiful young adult as she learns many of life’s lessons. She attends a special program for math prodigies at the age of 12 and meets her first love.  Over the next few years she makes and loses a boyfriend, meets her birth mother, and shares a dangerous adventure with the man she believes to be the person she is meant to be with for the rest of her life.

Jonah, Holly, and their families are rocked by an assassination of a beloved family member. The aftermath explores the intricate bonds of family, recovery, and moving forward. Growing Together continues to expand our understanding of the challenges and joys of love, friendship, and family as experienced through the lives of characters we have come to love and cherish.



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Other eBook formats will be available from Smashwords soon!


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